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Which Plan is Right For MeWhich Plan is Right For Me

Cell Care offer the widest range of payment plans to suit your individual needs.

Getting Started

The first thing to decide is whether to store cord blood and tissue, or only cord blood. Please note that you may not elect to store cord tissue alone. Once you have made this decision, you then select a payment plan that best suits your circumstances.  Cell Care offers two basic plan types – Prepaid Storage Plans and Annual Storage Plans.

Prepaid Storage Plans

Prepaid Storage Plans combine fees associated with the collection kit, transport, processing, testing and storage of the cord blood and tissue for 20 years.

With a Prepaid Storage plan, there is a deposit payable at enrolment with the balance payable either in a lump sum two weeks after birth or by either a 12 or 24 monthly payment schedule. Payments start from $161 per month for a 24 month period for 20 years of cord blood storage. 

Annual Cell Care Storage Plans

With Annual Storage Plans, you pay a processing fee for the collection kit, transport, processing and testing of the cord blood and tissue collected. This fee comprises of a deposit paid at enrolment, with the balance payable in a lump sum two weeks after birth or over a 12 month payment schedule. An annual storage fee is then paid for as long as you wish to continue storing and without fixed time commitment. The annual fee, adjusted for CPI, covers one year of cryogenic storage. The first payment is payable three months after birth, and thereafter payable annually.

Annual Storage Plans are ideal for those who wish to minimise their initial financial commitment. Annual Storage plans may be switched to a Prepaid Storage Plan at a later stage if requested.

Existing Cell Care clients

Existing client, you are entitled to:

  • $200 reduction applies for each baby when you are storing cord blood, or
  • $400 reduction if you choose to store cord blood and tissue

Having more than one baby?

If you're having twins:

  • $200 reduction applies for each baby if you are storing cord blood
  • $400 reduction applies for each baby if you are storing cord blood and tissue

If you are having triplets, please call Cell Care on 0800 088 235 so that special arrangements may be made for you.

Live outside the main cities?

Cell Care can provide cord blood and tissue collection throughout New Zealand and there are no additional charges if you live outside a major city.

For queries regarding pricing please call 0800 088 235

Refer a Friend

Cell Care highly values their loyal clients and appreciates the importance of their contribution to our education efforts.

If you have been referred by a friend or family member who has stored with Cell Care, we will reward you and your friend with a storage voucher of $225.

Simply enter your friend's name via our online enrolment portal or mention them to our client services team.

Once you have enrolled with Cell Care, you may then refer new expectant parents. There is no limit on the number of friends that may be referred, so the more referrals, the more storage benefits referrers can earn.

Find out more details about the Cell Care Refer a Friend program.

Cell Care banking and client agreement

To view the current Cell Care banking and client agreement, please click on the link below:

Cell Care Client Agreement