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How can cord blood be used?

Cord blood and bone marrow are sources of stem cells that are currently being used in transplant medicine to replace damaged blood and immune systems with healthy cells. Worldwide, cord blood has been used in over 40,00042 transplants in the treatment of over 80 conditions43. In Australia and New Zealand, over 500 cord blood units have been released to treat many conditions here and abroad33.

View the conditions cord blood is currently treating here.

Cord Blood Releases

Cell Care has released cord blood stem cells for over 80 families for a range of conditions in both transplant and regenerative medicine.

  • We have extensive experience releasing cord blood units across the globe.
  • We have experience transporting cord blood units to patients for bone marrow transplants and internationally for clinical trials.
  • We have a 100% successful release rate. All cord blood units released for client use have been accepted for transfusion into the patient, validating our processing, storage and shipping methods.


Cell Care Releases